Monday, December 29, 2008

Jason's latest buck kill.

As most of you know I married a die-hard hunter - here is his latest 'wall hanger' to add to our collection. I am the trophy wife who allows one head in my living room. ONE. The rest live in the garage or in the basement. Kade went back out with his dad and helped bring it in, he had a blast.

Bathroom remodel.

A 'short' 9 months ago, my husband and I decided to give our bathroom a facelift. Let me remind you, we finished this project in a 'short' 9 months. What we did, most people could probably handle in a weekend. Ah the life we lead with 2 helpers to keep us sidetracked.... I wish I had the before pictures, but they are on a harddrive I can't get to open... anywho.. What did we do:

1. Removed wallpaper. (I cussed the guy who invented wallpaper alot that week)
2. Tore up the carpet.
3. Painted everything.
4. Tiled the floor.
5. All new trim
6. Applied vinyl lettering

That's it! =) Quite a task, huh? I love it!

Bath time fun.

Christmas Day

Karlie with her new stroller. She pushes this thing for miles a day.
Kade with his new game - he also rides this thing for miles a day.

Santa smiles....

Karlie is in preparation on how to take care of a newborn. =)

Karlie opening presents with her Nana.

Kade diving right in, but when he realized it was clothes the box got tossed.

Kade discovering what Santa left.

Kade seeing the stash for the very first time... We did things a little different
since we were trying to get a few people there that morning. He didn't 'wake up' to
this... Santa "happened" to come while he was playing in the basement with his
Dee Dee. My brother rang the door bell and yelled HO HO HO... you could
hear Kade coming up the stairs as fast as his little feet could go and he screached
SAAANNNTTAA.... and flew open the door to find no Santa. I really thought
he was going to cry, but then he saw what he had left and it was all good!

Christmas Eve

Karlie's other Christmas Dress...

This is the nativity scene I have in the kids room and it looked awesome lit up at night. Kade and I went over and over who everyone was, why they were there... I think he's got it!

Our attempt at a family picture!

Karlie ready for church, but not ready to take pictures.

Kade ready for his first church program, but also, not ready for pictures!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mommy's Dress

My mom kept a few of my clothes these last 23 years... 'er 31 years, so Karlie got to wear Mommy's dress to church this morning. I def. will have to keep some of the kids' clothes for them to pass on. This dress is so cute and to me, it looks like it was just bought! Enjoy a few pics we snapped this morning. And by the way, incase you didn't already know - Karlie will be a big sister in June!!

The traditional thing a toddler girl does with her dress!

Big smiles from the Big Sister!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Thought we would share our carvings from Halloween..........

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Door!!!

Yesterday we put in new french doors going off of our TV room! We have been waiting to do this since you could see daylight under the doors, feel the breeze and you had SLAM the door for it to shut! BEFORE.... I don't think you can tell how bad these doors really were...

The tear out...

No door at all - Karlie was such a big helper...

And our other helper, Kade...

NEW DOORS! We absolutely love them! We will have to finish the
inside of them, but we're still debating on painting them to match
the walls or finish them with a light stain...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

I almost forgot to include the pumpkin carving pics -- Kade painted for a second and then decided to be tough and carve like his dad. Karlie just sat and watched all night and played in the seeds. I then proceeded to burn the seeds the next day. GRRR.