Thursday, April 17, 2008

30 Year Stitch Record Broken!

That is right, after 30 years I have never had stitches!! But today I broke that perfect record. Kade wanted to finger paint, so away he went while Karlie was having some pears. After both were done I was cleaning up the kitchen. As I was tossing away the trash I shoved everything down and OUCH! I thought I had a bad papercut... not so much. I had pushed everything down right onto the lid of the pear can. After a few phone calls I determined maybe I should have it checked out. I walked out of the clinic with a tetnus shot and 4 lovely stitches. Let me tell you the procedure in the clinic hurt 10X what the cut did. Oh-well, it will heal better now. It was cut to the joint, so I was glad I went. Not a good story for the weak tummy's....

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