Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Karlie Turned One!!

On May 21, 2007 Karlie Morgan Anderson blessed us at 6:50 pm! We celebrated her 1st birthday with a grill out Saturday afternoon in our backyard. After a few days of 40 mph winds and inches of rain, we were blessed with a calm, beautiful sunny day for her party! She had the time of her life - and destroyed her first cake like nothing I have ever seen. I'm sorry these pictures are in backwards order, but it is almost midnight and I don't want to reload them again after realizing I posted them in backwards! For those of you who have been yelling at me for not posting much, here is a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG she destroyed that cake! Hilarious :) Happy Birthday, Karlie

Matt & Stacy

Leslie said...

Thanks Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mindy said...

It looked like you put a lot of time into her birthday party!! She looked so cute, the cake, the cookies, the pictures - adorable!!! I can't believe ONE already!!