Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kade's First Swimming Lesson

Kade started swimming lessons yesterday. He had a great time, however from the neck up stayed dry. =) I call him a big chicken, but I am to blame.... we just don't get up to the pool as often as we should for him to get used to it. So it's my bad. I'm hopeful that after 5 solid days he might actually enjoying going under the water. Karlie enjoyed watching him, but really wanted in the pool.

**For those of you that check this blog as often as my photography blog, please do not judge my photography on here. Sometimes I like to take pictures without caring and I also like to post pictures without all the hastle. =) There's your bit of honesty from me for the day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Karlie looks so much older in the one with her hat. I love watching your kids grow-up via blogs!