Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wedding in Detroit, Michigan

Brace yourself, it's a picture of something other than our lovely children!! It's us!! Here Jason and I are at a wedding this past weekend in Detroit, Michigan! Jason's buddy (who was the best man in our wedding) finally married this gal he brought as a date to our wedding! We had such a fun weekend! 'Er I did... Jason had the stomach flu most of the time we were there - C r a p p y deal. We were gone 4.5 days and my parents watched our kiddos for us - THANKS SOOO MUC MOM & DAD!! A parent always needs a little break here and there! More pics of the fun weekend to come! **Oh and on a side note, I got to take the wedding pictures while I was there!! Check 'em out at

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Anonymous said...

You two look great. It is really nice to finally see you picture of you on the blog!!

Miss you- Kim