Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Denver Zoo

We went to the zoo this week with Kelli, Dana, and Mattie! The kids did great and had a blast!! There were baby snow leopards, giraffe and zebra. They were very cute! We picked a day that wasn't hot, so we really enjoyed the zoo!!
The kids with their Dee-Dee!

Karlie enjoying her stroller ride through the zoo.

The bears - the one was lounging in the tree, so cute.

Kade, Mattie and Karlie

The baby snow leopards - there were 3 of them.

Karlie riding the carousel.

Kade riding the carousel.

Riding the train.

Kade acting like a monkey.

The ape lounging in his cot.

The fam - minus my hubby who didn't make the trip.

Mattie with "Kaders"

Kade with the elephants.

Dee Dee with Kade and Karlie.

Kade posing with the beautiful flowers.

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