Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

On Sunday the family, plus Nana, went out to Cox's Ponds for the annual Pumpkin Patch. Kade talks about this place year around, kinda similar to the fair. Karlie enjoyed it much more than last year, she was still a baby! The Cupp's do such a great job ~ Thanks to them for their hardwork!! Kade and Daddy on the hayrack ride. Kade's fave.

Kade in the corn.
The kids thought this was magical.

Kade picking out his pumpkin.

The fun trapped sign got all 4 of us.

Every year I take a picture of Kade in front of these pumpkins, it is fun to watch him grow.

A nice place to sit, don't you think?

Karlie's first picture by the pumpkin.

Karlie like riding in the wagon eating her hot dog and chips.

Kade in the corn with friends.

Karlie giggled the entire time she was on the pony ride. The gal said she won the award for the happiest baby she had seen.

Then came Kade and she thought his smile was pretty happy too. He love the pony's best.

Karlie in the corn. I have no idea what it is about playing in a tank full of corn, but all the kids just love it. It would make an easy toy for Nana and Papa... hint, hint! =)

Happy fall to all of you!! Enjoy the beauty before it freezes

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