Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Curious George and Barney collected enough treats to feed us until at least Christmas. =) The kids had a blast. Kade has just been on edge for halloween since he got his costume in the mail. The day finally arrived! Karlie wasn't so sure what it was all about, but enjoyed the ride... but by the end of it, she knew exactly what to do. Go to the door. Grab out of the bowl. Put it into bag. Here are just a few shots from the day! Curious George



Barney is patiently waiting to head out.

Curious George and Cookie Monster (Trace)

Trace the Cookie Monster!
We were so excited the twins were able to get home
just in time to get their costumes on for the day.

Trick or treating downtown Imperial.

Barney is very excited for Nana to come out so we can head downtown.

George was teaching Barney how to trick or treat.

George and Shanna - one of his fave babysitters.

George and Barney with Charlie, the sister of Shanna, another
fave babysitter... oh and this is Kade's girlfriend. =)

Barney and Cookie Monster playing.

ELMO was even in town! We love you, Kye!!!

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