Monday, December 29, 2008

Bathroom remodel.

A 'short' 9 months ago, my husband and I decided to give our bathroom a facelift. Let me remind you, we finished this project in a 'short' 9 months. What we did, most people could probably handle in a weekend. Ah the life we lead with 2 helpers to keep us sidetracked.... I wish I had the before pictures, but they are on a harddrive I can't get to open... anywho.. What did we do:

1. Removed wallpaper. (I cussed the guy who invented wallpaper alot that week)
2. Tore up the carpet.
3. Painted everything.
4. Tiled the floor.
5. All new trim
6. Applied vinyl lettering

That's it! =) Quite a task, huh? I love it!

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