Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The cabin is open!

Some of you may be missing these familiar sites of our cabin - but never fear, this year we are going to see them more often! *KC PEOPLE THAT DOES INCLUDE YOU*
After living there for almost 6 months when Jason and I moved back to NE, we hadn't stepped foot on the property since then! Now that Karlie is a bit older we hope to spend many days and nights out there this summer and you are all invited too!

Karlie Turned One!!

On May 21, 2007 Karlie Morgan Anderson blessed us at 6:50 pm! We celebrated her 1st birthday with a grill out Saturday afternoon in our backyard. After a few days of 40 mph winds and inches of rain, we were blessed with a calm, beautiful sunny day for her party! She had the time of her life - and destroyed her first cake like nothing I have ever seen. I'm sorry these pictures are in backwards order, but it is almost midnight and I don't want to reload them again after realizing I posted them in backwards! For those of you who have been yelling at me for not posting much, here is a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tyler's Graduation

This past weekend we went to our old stompin' grounds - good 'ole Lamar, Colorado for Jason's cousins graduation! It was a perfect evening for his reception. We enjoyed seeing most all of Jason's family and a few old friends from Lamar!! The kids really enjoyed seeing Sarah and Jordan - they seem to really have fun with them!! Sarah and Kade
The fam with Tyler before the graduation.
Karlie crawlin in the grass! OH and big news *she's walking now!!*
Kade spent hours on the trampoline!

Sarah took the kids for many wagon rides!

Thanks Dave and Karla for a great weekend in Lamar!

Karlie's 1st Haircut!!

Tomorrow Karlie will turn 1!
So we thought we better get her hair all nice and pretty for the special occasion!! Karlie's first time in the chair!

Anxiously awaiting the trim to start!

Nana bought her some new shoes and they were fun to wear to the salon!

Kristi starts taking a few snips and big brother Kade helped! Or so he thought! ;o)

Karlie's new look from the back!

YAY! I'm going to be ONE and I have a new hair cut!!
Thanks, Kristi!! We love it!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Where have we been? Where did the month of April go? Apparently it flew right by! We have been busy doing nothing exciting. Alot of fencing, going to the parks, keeping house and working on the yard! This past weekend we went to Denver - after the blizzard of course!! Sorry I don't have anything too fun to post - maybe I should slow down and smell the roses? Enjoy a few pics of the kids from lately - and yes, they are with my new camera!! I LOOOVE IT! Check out my new blog when you get a moment.... And let me know when I can 'shoot' your kid! HA... in my photography world that means - 'take a picture of!'