Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy 2nd, Miss Mattie

Mattie-Cat, our niece, turned 2 on June 1! We had a great weekend celebrating with her in Denver! For her party we went to Tinytown up in the mountains! It was so much fun! Tinytown has a train that takes everyone through the 'tiny town!' =) LOTS of pictures to post, but only a glimpse of the near 200 or so I took! ENJOY!!

New shirt, pants and shades

I bought Kade some new sunglasses and after he got this crazy shirt in the mail from his Dee-Dee he asked if we could go take some pictures of him in his new outfit. He totally is understanding this photography thing! =)

Happy Father's Day

Happy (belated) Father's Day to Jason, My dad and all the other wonderful father's out there! Jason played in a golf tourney Saturday and Sunday, so while he was gone the kids colored him some fun cards and we played outside until he came home to his favorite homecooked meal of Beef Burgundy! We love you, Daddy!


Aren't you excited to see some new posts?! I am too! I am so sorry I have been MIA, but between life, kids, photography, fencing and more life I have been so behind. But I'm hoping to stay ahead. In the meantime, be sure to check out my photography blog...

Happy Birthday to Me

That's right, it was my birthday on June 10. I can't believe 22 years have gone by... Weren't the flowers my hubby sent me beautiful? And they still look that way on my kitchen table today! I love flowers!!


Kade went to his very first Vacation Bible School last week! These are pics from the first morning on our way out the door. I was a Leader for six five-year old little boys... I fully appreciate our teachers!!! WOW do they have endless energy and a love to wrestle!! Karlie was my helper and was such a trooper all week - missing her morning nap for 5 days in a row really made for a grump, but she survived! If you want to see more pictures of Kade and all the other kids at bible school you can go to our church webpage and look under photo album for 5 days of pictures.