Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kade's 1st Day of Sunday School

I can't believe it, but Mr. Kade is old enough to go to Sunday School. So today was officially his first day. He was worried that I wouldn't be going with him... I did for opening, took him to his classroom and magically disappeared. He did fine! He was sure they were going to sing the V-I-V-L-E song... I think he might be right!
While Kade was in Sunday School we came home and since Karlie was all dressed up and no place to go, we took a few pictures!

The Denver Zoo

We went to the zoo this week with Kelli, Dana, and Mattie! The kids did great and had a blast!! There were baby snow leopards, giraffe and zebra. They were very cute! We picked a day that wasn't hot, so we really enjoyed the zoo!!
The kids with their Dee-Dee!

Karlie enjoying her stroller ride through the zoo.

The bears - the one was lounging in the tree, so cute.

Kade, Mattie and Karlie

The baby snow leopards - there were 3 of them.

Karlie riding the carousel.

Kade riding the carousel.

Riding the train.

Kade acting like a monkey.

The ape lounging in his cot.

The fam - minus my hubby who didn't make the trip.

Mattie with "Kaders"

Kade with the elephants.

Dee Dee with Kade and Karlie.

Kade posing with the beautiful flowers.

Democratic Convention Protests

The Democratic Convention was in Denver this past week and we were there to witness some protesting going on in downtown Golden. The City of Golden let in the "Al Jazeera", which is a terrorist network. They allowed them to broadcast the convention from a local tavern. It caused many protests of Peace, Americanism and Islam lovers to come out and make noise. It didn't cause any major eruption, but was historical for sure.

These kids had I LOVE ISLAM and WE LOVE ALJAZZERA signs and would ride through the streets. Here you can see a cop watching over their discussion closely. The kids seem to enjoy the attention. (No brainer)

Dee Dee's House

This week we made a quick trip to Denver to see Jason's parents - Dee Dee and Grampa! Jason's sister lives there now so we enjoy seeing our niece Mattie, too! The kids enjoyed the afternoon/evening of playing in the backyard. Kade and Mattie having a water fight!

Karlie couldn't be happier and her diaper any wetter!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Spaghetti Night = Bath Night

I really need to start using my camera for personal reasons... Since I started my photography business, my old camera has lots of dust on it. My new camera only comes out when I go to a session - so the other night I got it out when Karlie had a priceless spaghetti face! Let's hope I can keep this trend or my kids will think I didn't love them in 20 years when I have few pictures of them! AGH! Whoda thunk I wouldn't take pictures of my kids??? Bad mommy. Bad mommy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Chase County Fair 2008

Its that time of year already - the fair. It's always a special time for us since we met there! =) It will be 6 years already on Saturday.

Kade has been having more fun than you will ever know on the rides. We spent the afternoon there on Wednesday, which was probably a good thing because it will have been the nicest day of the fair. Forecast shows cold and rainy the rest of the time. Hopefully it will just rain in the morning and late at night. Here is Kade with Janessa (one of our babysitters) on the famous slide. As shown below, Kade is scared to death... not really, he just looks that way. He LOVES the slide.

By far the best adult ride at the fair this year. Jason and I will be going on that tonight and probably my dad also. It isn't as high as some, but very good for our county fair!!

Kade loves all the kiddy rides and rides on them each about 6 times in a row, just stopping to pick a different colored car.

The beginning of the fair toy stash... Kade took a good 3 minutes to figure out just which fish he was going after.

Poor Karlie's 'ride' is just a free push from mom! She enjoys watching all of the excitement and she'll get her turn tonight when both Jason and I are there so we can take her on the carousel and ferris wheel.

Kade's second fave ride, the motorcycles. A few weeks ago he told me, "Mom, I'm definitely buying a motorcycle when I get big."

This is the piggy train. Kade likes to watch the tracks more than anything.

Stay tuned for more pics to come...