Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Karlie

Just a few pics I took recently of Karlie - it amazes me how quickly she has went from newborn to almost 16 months old!! NOT FAIR! Her hair is getting long, so we have an appt. tomorrow with Kristi to get her trimmed back up. She is talking all sorts of words - Mamma, Dadda, Papa, Puppy, Bye Bye, Bubba, Shoes, Hot, Hat, Bath, Dress.... I think that is a good majority of them. She loves to shake her head yes when she wants something that I suggest. She is still fighting that bottom tooth that refuses to come it, I think it may have broke the skin just a touch while we were gone this past weekend. Karlie is a wonderful sleeper, going to bed at 9 and getting up at 830. I think she takes after her mom, apparently that is how I used to do it back in the day! =) We love Karlie so much and I think God daily for her, she is such a joy for us!! Karlie riding the horsey in her new pj's!

Karlie chillin in her chair.

That is a new frame of pictures I put together for her. I just love it, so many different stages of her. I am working on one now for Mr. Kade. He told me it was "COOOOL, COOOOOL"

It's us!

Jason and I hardly ever get a picture together bc I'm always behind the camera, but this past weekend we did - so here we are enjoying ourselves at the Affiliated Foods Convention in Omaha! We go to this convention 2 times a year so that they can get some good buys for the store. We generally don't take our kids unless they are in the infant stage. This time Jason's mother and grammy took care of the kiddos while we got away for the long weekend. We really appreciate them doing this for us, so THANK YOU DANA AND GRAMMY!!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kade's First Day of Preschool

Yes, you read that title correct, our baby started preschool today!! I wasn't sure how it was going to go since our attempts at Sunday School haven't been all that great at first... after a few tears and mom sneaking out he does fine. So this morning Jason, Karlie and I took him. Once he was playing with the kids and not looking we headed out. Typically I would stand around and wait, but Jason made me wear bigboy pants and just leave! So we did!!! And guess what, he didn't ask his teacher until around 10 (we dropped him off at 8) where mommy, daddy and sissy went! YAY!! He had a BLAST. I have never seen him so excited! I am soooo thankful and so very proud of him. He can't wait to go back next week. And if you think he looks kinda tired in these pics, you're right. We got to bed way too late. That's bc my big boy pushed his tiny sister off his bed and dislocated her elbow - so we spent a few hours in the ER and didn't get home and everyone to bed 'til way after 10!!! But rest assured, she is doing muuuuch better and is such a tough girl!