Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

On Sunday the family, plus Nana, went out to Cox's Ponds for the annual Pumpkin Patch. Kade talks about this place year around, kinda similar to the fair. Karlie enjoyed it much more than last year, she was still a baby! The Cupp's do such a great job ~ Thanks to them for their hardwork!! Kade and Daddy on the hayrack ride. Kade's fave.

Kade in the corn.
The kids thought this was magical.

Kade picking out his pumpkin.

The fun trapped sign got all 4 of us.

Every year I take a picture of Kade in front of these pumpkins, it is fun to watch him grow.

A nice place to sit, don't you think?

Karlie's first picture by the pumpkin.

Karlie like riding in the wagon eating her hot dog and chips.

Kade in the corn with friends.

Karlie giggled the entire time she was on the pony ride. The gal said she won the award for the happiest baby she had seen.

Then came Kade and she thought his smile was pretty happy too. He love the pony's best.

Karlie in the corn. I have no idea what it is about playing in a tank full of corn, but all the kids just love it. It would make an easy toy for Nana and Papa... hint, hint! =)

Happy fall to all of you!! Enjoy the beauty before it freezes

Friday, October 10, 2008

Karlie bein' cute

Karlie kept pullin at my leg to take her picture too... She looked like a clown in the get-up I had her in, but these turned out pretty cute.

Kade's photoshoot

It has been over a year and a half since Kade has had his picture taken. BAD mommy. BAD PHOTOGRAPHER mommy. But we put a stop to that the other evening and headed over to Max park and played in the leaves. Kade didn't cooperate as well as it looks, but finally after a little coaxing and finding the right word for him to say (YESSIRREE!) we got 'em done! I promise to do his 4 year pics in March and not a year later. =) I can't believe I just said Kade will be 4 in March... sniff sniff.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Driving home from Wauneta last night I couldn't resist stopping to take a picture of the sun shining down through the clouds. It just reminded me that God is amongst us. When I got home to look at them I realized something more... Do you see the dove formation??? This amazes me.

Karlie's fun

This is Karlie's fave thing to do, get into the bottom drawer, take all the bibs out and sit in it. What is so awesome about this is that my fave thing to do as a toddler, was the SAME drawer at my parents house, except my parents kept bread in theirs. I'm going to have to dig to find the picture I know my mom took of me and see how much we resemble each other. Karlie took a fall this weekend at the breast cancer walk and skinned her nose, so you'll see her nose is a bit roughed up.

This is Karlie's other fave thing to do, ride the jumpy horse. She giggles and giggles. She has mastered getting on and off all by herself!

Help Wanted

Last week I did laundry or I mean I washed it... Folding laundry is by far my least favorite thing to do. You can't tell, but this pile consumed my entire bed. I think I need a nanny or a housekeeper, but maybe it's a secretary. I don't know, but I need help. =)