Saturday, January 24, 2009

Karlie loves hats!

Our little Miss Karlie has been a trooper this week with her smashed thumb, so she gets her own post. She was looking pretty cute this morning in her daddy's hat and her brother's old jammies. I don't know if she'll be the girliest in the town or a tomboy when she has a bigger and little brother. She is growing up so quickly. We just love her big smiles and giggles. **Smashed thumb has interrupted her thumb sucking - will it last? WE HOPE! I can't believe she just doesn't use the other one?!!

New rooms!

The room in the basement we have designated as Kade's big boy room got carpet in it on Monday and Kade was very certain he wanted his bed moved down... I didn't argue since the idea of 3 kiddos in one room isn't too appealing. So now our kids each have their own room. Monday was a long day, but I was so happy when I got everything moved and they each have their own rooms! Kade has slept in the basement every night since and tells me it's "AWESOME!"

Smashed Fingers

Earlier this week... trying to remember what day... Must've been Monday, Kade slammed the basement bathroom door on his sisters fingers. The thumb got smashed obviously, but the pointer finger was the one we knew was broken. It was out of line and had the trim shape to it, hard to explain. It wasn't a good sight, so we took her to ER for some quick xrays and luckily no broken bones, just alot of tears and speeches to Kade about slammer doors.

Too bad blogger won't put pictures in order anymore! UGH! Today...


The night of.... YUM! We were so thankful the fingernail was
cut under neat and the blood was able to drain as needed.
I think this helped save her nail and lots more tears.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Boy Anderson

Last Friday I had my check up and we were able to take a peek at Baby Anderson #3 and we are pretty sure it is a little boy!! Jason is pumped, Kade is estatic, Karlie doesn't know the difference and I am just as excited as tho it was my first boy!!! Kade has told us since the day he knew mommy had a baby in her tummy that it was boy, I guess he was right!! Kade has named him "Superman" for the time being. We are going to peek in there again next month to make sure he's still a boy! =)