Monday, March 30, 2009

Kade's first soccer game!

Since our young man turned 4, he was old enough to play soccer for his first year! Jason and I are his coaches - or excuse me, Jason is the head coach. =) There are 7 kids on his team, all being 4 or 5 years old. Saturday they had their first game after having 2, short 30 minute practices! Unf. we played a team that was much older than us and one little guy was better at soccer than most high school boys. Anywho, we lost big time, but who was counting... oh right, Jason was. The coach that dreamed of an undefeated season... maybe next year!
Kade is #3.

My photography skills weren't so good that day - I was trying to be assistant coach, videographer (for our parents who weren't able to make it), photographer and mom to Karlie who wanted to be on the field too. Maybe next time I'll have better pics!
Good Job, Kade on your first game! This is just the beginning of many, many years of sports! Or we hope!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring jammies!

One evening after a warm day outside, I let Karlie wear her new spring kitty jammies. She loved them.

And then there was Kade.... who was too tired to care after a long day of playing outside!! I'm certain my parents have a few 100 pictures of me sleeping in this position. Love it. He'll kill me in 10 years....

Prom 2009

Imperial had their prom last week and I took the kids to see their two fave girls in HS - Dee Dee and Shanna... Kade wasn't too sure of Shanna at all. I didn't think he recognized her with all the make-up, pretty hair... When we got in the car he confessed it was because he didn't like her yellow dress. =) We still laugh about that!! Shanna and Karlie. Karlie loved the balloons best!

Kade and Dee Dee

The closest he got to her!!

Shanna's little sister is Charlie - they are our babysitters that live across the alley. Kade also claims Charlie is his girlfriend. He also informed us that night that he would one day take Charlie to prom! Too cute!

Charlie and Karlie

Just bein' silly

Kade insists that he wants to be a rockstar when he grows up. He very well be, he LOVES music. He loves listening to it, as well as singing it. I am impressed at how fast he can catch on the lyrics of a song. Any song... church, kid or even my stuff! Karlie might be our little tomboy - after all she'll grow up between two boys... but she insisted on wearing Kade's camo coat outside.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Jason turned 31 on March 9! This wasn't his only cake, but the only picture that got taken! =(
Unfortunatly the camera didn't make it out of the bag the night of his birthday.... We made his favorite dinner, tacos and had my parents up. Kade and I made him a cake and Kade put all thirty-one candles on it. Needless to say, it was a bright occasion! =) Happy Birthday, Babe and Daddy! We love you lots!

Happy 80th Birthday, GG!

My grandma, Phyllis Nordhausen, turned 80 in February. We had her party with all family members present. It was very special!! G.G. (Grandma Great) with Kade, Karlie and the rest of our clan.
G.G. with her 4 great grand's... she has 2 more on the way!!

G.G. and Aunt Viola and Aunt Pheez watching the kids do many rounds of Ring-Around-The-Rosie....

Landon and Karlie

What a beautiful spread! =) The cake was probably the best tastin' cake I've had in my lifetime! Good work Aunt Pam!!

We had a surprise card shower for Grandma and she received well over 100 cards!!

More RATR....

Uncle Cory and Kade

Uncle Cory and Karlie

Karlie sportin' my dress again. Have to get as many uses as we can!!

Happy Birthday, GG! We love you much!!!!

Kade turned 4 on March 4!

Ok, time to get caught up on this blogging thing!! These pictures are going to be horribly out of order - but who cares, right? Just so long as some of you get the updates you have been craving!! (Ashley...Grandad and Judy....)

Kade was especially excited because he had preschool ON his actual birthday, so we made cupcakes for him to take. He was a big helper!!
We had a little extra help too and as most of you can imagine, this caused a few arguments!!

We had Kade's birthday party the weekend before since we were going out of town for Food Show the weekend after! He had a great party with many presents to keep him entertained this summer!!

This may have been Kade's favorite part, when everyone gathered in the kitchen to sing him Happy Birthday. He just sat there and grinned from ear to ear.

I love this picture of him - so happy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kade Austin! We love you!