Monday, March 30, 2009

Kade's first soccer game!

Since our young man turned 4, he was old enough to play soccer for his first year! Jason and I are his coaches - or excuse me, Jason is the head coach. =) There are 7 kids on his team, all being 4 or 5 years old. Saturday they had their first game after having 2, short 30 minute practices! Unf. we played a team that was much older than us and one little guy was better at soccer than most high school boys. Anywho, we lost big time, but who was counting... oh right, Jason was. The coach that dreamed of an undefeated season... maybe next year!
Kade is #3.

My photography skills weren't so good that day - I was trying to be assistant coach, videographer (for our parents who weren't able to make it), photographer and mom to Karlie who wanted to be on the field too. Maybe next time I'll have better pics!
Good Job, Kade on your first game! This is just the beginning of many, many years of sports! Or we hope!

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