Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prom 2009

Imperial had their prom last week and I took the kids to see their two fave girls in HS - Dee Dee and Shanna... Kade wasn't too sure of Shanna at all. I didn't think he recognized her with all the make-up, pretty hair... When we got in the car he confessed it was because he didn't like her yellow dress. =) We still laugh about that!! Shanna and Karlie. Karlie loved the balloons best!

Kade and Dee Dee

The closest he got to her!!

Shanna's little sister is Charlie - they are our babysitters that live across the alley. Kade also claims Charlie is his girlfriend. He also informed us that night that he would one day take Charlie to prom! Too cute!

Charlie and Karlie

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