Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fair 2009

Watchin the parade with cousin Joee.
Empty bucket, but not for long!

The lion drinking fountain - always fun, plus he got a fresh paint job this year!

PAPA -- will you buy me this pink 4-wheeler?

The slide was the kids' fave.

Karlie loved the rides... The piggy train with cousins Makenna and Braelyn.

Karlie on the horsies.

Zak in his personal ride ~ the stroller.

Checkin' out the games.

Karlie's FIRST ride... whoops, we started her on the fastest, roughest one they had... But I'm happy to report by the end of that night it was probably her fave ride!
Zak's ride in the A/C... the swing!

Checkin' out the lamb show.

Fair 2009 was awesome! We had a lot of fun!
Jason and I also celebrated our anniversary of meeting there!
It's already been 7 years! WOW!!
We've done alot b/w now and then ~ we are very blessed!

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