Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nordhausen Reunion 2009

This was the year for the Nordhausen Happening. We have it every 3 years! It is a 2 day event! This year we had 260 family members together on Saturday - it was awesome! Zak was the youngest attendee and my Great Aunt Viola (Grandpa Gilbert's sister) was the oldest at 90 years young! Here are just a few of my pictures from the weekend. Zak with Sophie - he was a popular baby!
Kade shakin' a leg on the dance floor!

Kade was trying to break dance like one of the other cousins!

Karlie playing catch with Val.

Zak chillin' in his stroller.

The board with all the new babies - we were busy and gave the family 2. Our turn is over!! =)

JUST the 3rd cousins from my generation! WOW!

Jason playin' washers. That game is hard!

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