Friday, May 29, 2009

Random pics of the week...

Obviously a little nesting has begun... his stuff is together (above) and my reading material has been gathered (below)....

Backyard fun anyone?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Karlie Morgan!!

Miss Karlie officially turned '2' today! We had her party over the weekend and had a great day celebrating! These pictures are in random order, thanks blogger!
How many kids does it take to open a present?! =) So cute!

Karlie opening a present with Mattie and Landree

The bear got a big squeeze!

Karlie and her new pink shoes from 'Nessa!

Karlie enjoying her birthday cupcake!

Karlie loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to her!

Karlie with the twins - Kye and Trace

Dora party!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great day for a picnic and baseball!

It is finally starting to dry up around here and we are loving it! The kids had a picnic for lunch and then cousin Joee is over for the afternoon to play with Kade! Here are a few action shots! Kade's baseball card shot!
Joee bein' cute - she loves to pose for me and she makes a perfect model!

Kade can really smack the ball... left or right handed!

Joee and Kade take a break for a pic!

Cheeto face rocks!

Ham 'n' Cheese samich and cheetos hits the spot!


Last night was Kade's final soccer game and we are happy to report he finally scored a goal! We were very proud of Mr. Kade and he was treated to J.J's for ice cream. (Bribery...) We had a fun season with the kids, I really just wish the weather would've been nicer. We didn't have very many nice evenings to play - except last night was bee-u-tee-ful! Thanks Ella, Brice, Madeline, Brianna, Nicholas and Kylie for a fun season!! GO RED TEAM!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

I always post with pictures. But have decided to start doing a weekly wrap up so if I haven't taken any pictures, I'll still post! Excited?

Jason has continued to work on his latest fence project in Holyoke and the pasture fence with my dad. He snuck in a round of golf last night at league and I was pretty jealous. He gets to bond with this kids all day tomorrow while I photograph a wedding in Wauneta!

Kade had his last soccer practice on Monday and his last game will be tomorrow! The last 6 weeks has flown by! I think he's enjoyed it, but maybe not as much as we thought?! Kade got to run thru the sprinklers one day this week and that was his highlight. He now wonders why it keeps raining - but I have to explain we NEED the rain!

Karlie continues to battle teeth. I think she has a good 4-6 coming in at one time which is making her mad, but do you blame her? Runny nose, cough and yummy pooh all come with the process. We'll be glad when they all make their arrival! She talks more and more everyday. She has good competition around here.

Baby Superman is 33 weeks old in the womb! I can't believe in 6 weeks or so we'll have three children!! He still doesn't have a name, but hopefully by his birthday we will have one picked out! He typically has the hiccups around 3X a day and he is positioned in their so snug that I can barely walk by the end of the day! Maybe I'll post pictures next week!

I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow in Wauneta. I'm very excited. I mowed the yard this week for the first time! YAY SPRING! I continue to get ready for the baby to come with 'to-do' lists galore. I'm def. prepared for his arrival whenever he is ready!

That's as exciting as it gets around here! Happy May Day and God's blessings on your new month!