Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Zakary Dane Anderson

It's a boy! Oh wait, we knew that! It's Mr. Zakary Dane Anderson!

Born June 9, 2009... At 10:39am... 7 lbs 9 oz.... 21 inches long

Little Zak came 8 days early and flew into this world in an amazingly short labor of 8 hours! Everything went pretty smooth! He wasn't named for a good 24 hours plus, but hey - it's a lifetime thing so we take it seriously!

We came home the following night after everything checked out okay and doc said I could leave, as long as both of my kids weren't home! He was assured I'd be alone and could get some rest!

Mr. Zak gets plenty of kisses everyday from his very proud Big Brother Kade and Big Sister Karlie.