Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time is FLYIN'! Zak is 6 weeks old already!

I have become the worst communicater/blogger I have ever been!! I'm sorry to those afar that rely upon this website, check it often to find nothing!!! I am going to try to do better! The camera is out of the bag, on the counter, ready to fire away! Snapping all of these pictures in the last two days has been fun and good for me. I'll admit, the photography love bug has slipped away in the last few months, but I know it will come back to me. Enjoy these random pics that are way out of order. Love and Miss you all!

Our best attempt at the three monkeys together.

Zak has heat rash most of the time, just like Karlie. So today he spent quite a bit of time in his diaper.


6 Weeks old already!

Karlie's first pair of flip flops - cute!

Drinkin' water out of flower pots - can you tell she's guilty? She kept tellin me "I gink!" I gink" -- which means, "I need a drink!"

Love this picture of her eyes.

We mowed today and the big ones went to the garage to get the mower for me. BIG HELPERS!

Zak helped mow too, he was our supervisor. He thinks we did awesome.

Check'n for gas.

Still watchin' the lawn mow'n party!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 4th!!

Karlie holding hands with Trace - isn't that so cute?
Karlie with both of her bf's - Trace and Kye - which hand do I hold now?

Karlie and Jason going for a jet ski ride - she LOVED going fast!

Proud brother - can you tell? His innocent sweet smile... hmmm...

Karlie doing 'sprinklers' with her Daddy and Papa... Kade called them sprinklers, therefore Karlie did too.

Does it get cuter than that?

Zak watching the fireworks at Nana and Papa's! My All-American Cutie!