Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fair 2009

Watchin the parade with cousin Joee.
Empty bucket, but not for long!

The lion drinking fountain - always fun, plus he got a fresh paint job this year!

PAPA -- will you buy me this pink 4-wheeler?

The slide was the kids' fave.

Karlie loved the rides... The piggy train with cousins Makenna and Braelyn.

Karlie on the horsies.

Zak in his personal ride ~ the stroller.

Checkin' out the games.

Karlie's FIRST ride... whoops, we started her on the fastest, roughest one they had... But I'm happy to report by the end of that night it was probably her fave ride!
Zak's ride in the A/C... the swing!

Checkin' out the lamb show.

Fair 2009 was awesome! We had a lot of fun!
Jason and I also celebrated our anniversary of meeting there!
It's already been 7 years! WOW!!
We've done alot b/w now and then ~ we are very blessed!

Zak is 2 months old!

Zak was 2 months old on the 9th, so I thought I better have a quick photo shoot!! He loved every second of it, can you tell? He is such a good boy - a big boy, weighing in at over 15 lbs!! Big brother wanted in one of the pics and it turned out pretty cute! Karlie was sleeping or we woulda had all three... we'll try that another day! Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harvest Festival

The last weekend of July every year Wauneta has their town crazy daze - Harvest Festival. I took this kids down for a few hours. They loved the parade. It didn't take long before Karlie new exactly what to do. Kade would run out into the street and ask for them to throw him some candy. He's so shy. =)

Kade's Swimming Lessons

The third week of July... whoops, this post is late - Kade had swimming lessons! The weather was stormy so he only had 3 of the 5 days! Regardless, he loved every second of it and even passed into Level II for next year!! Compared to last year, he is a FISH!!! Loves to go under the water! Kade thought he wanted to jump off the diving board... once up there, he didn't end up going. So Shanna got out of the pool, went up onto the board with him and dropped him! He loved it!
Karlie watching her brother learn to swim - she will get to be in Level I next year! Crazy to think she'll be 3 and will start some of these things! Where is the time going!!??

That's Kade under water!!

Kade and his class with their instructor - Shanna!


Zak and I had our 6 week check ups yesterday, however he's 8 weeks old!!
He weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs 3.25 oz!! To give you an idea of how chubby he is:

1) He now weighs what cousin Jackson weighs and he is 4 mo. old!
2) Kade weighed 14 lbs at this stage.
3) He was our smallest baby at birth weight, but is now the largest at 8 weeks!!

We love our chubby boy!

Nordhausen Reunion 2009

This was the year for the Nordhausen Happening. We have it every 3 years! It is a 2 day event! This year we had 260 family members together on Saturday - it was awesome! Zak was the youngest attendee and my Great Aunt Viola (Grandpa Gilbert's sister) was the oldest at 90 years young! Here are just a few of my pictures from the weekend. Zak with Sophie - he was a popular baby!
Kade shakin' a leg on the dance floor!

Kade was trying to break dance like one of the other cousins!

Karlie playing catch with Val.

Zak chillin' in his stroller.

The board with all the new babies - we were busy and gave the family 2. Our turn is over!! =)

JUST the 3rd cousins from my generation! WOW!

Jason playin' washers. That game is hard!