Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bad Blogger

KADE - 4.5'ish... Riding the bus to preschool two days a week with Marvin, asking a 1,000 questions a day and being a very good big brother!

KARLIE - 2.5'ish...Talking a mile a minute, potty trained and sleeping in a big girl bed!

ZAK - Almost 6 months, not rolling over, not sitting up, just smiling, laughing and EATING!

Fair 2009 was my last post.... whhoooaaa... we're a bit behind here. You can all thank Mr. Facebook for my lack of posting. It is just so much easier to do it there. Mr. Blogger needs to learn how to upload more than 5 pictures at a time!

I'll try and get back on track now that things have slowed down around here. My photography year is wrapping up and my husband and children are excited to have their momma's full and non-stressed attention back for a few months!

Hope everyone is catching the Christmas Joy bug, cause I am!