Saturday, March 27, 2010

STILL a bad blogger...

One of my highlights of my days is to check the blogs of my friends, It is so fun to see new posts... so why don't I update mine?! Maybe I'll try to do better. I'm way behind, so we'll just post a bunch of random pictures from the month of March. We'll see if I can keep up on the blogging?!!
Zak chillin' in his stroller at the park.

Kade turned 5 on March 4th and had his first friend party and a family party too. It was a fun filled week! I still can't believe he's 5 and will be starting kindergarten this fall!!

Uncle Cory was around for Kade's party and brought his girlfriend, Leslie! We love her! It was so fun to have them at Kade's party!

Our nephew Jackson turned 1 on March 11. We went to Denver for his party!

We went to a park the day of Jackson's party - it was great fun. The weather was gorgeous!
Here is Dee Dee with her 3 oldest grandbabies!

Here is the bid dude - Zak. He's weighing in at 30#. Will soon be turning 10 months!
Still doesn't like to spoon feed. Still doesn't roll over. Is working very hard on crawling, but I don't think its going to happen for a little while yet!

Who are these silly kids?

I thought this was picture perfect.

Karlie is Papa's girl by far!

Last week was prom! Dee Dee and Shanna were in the royalty and our neighbor
Shanna was crowned queen! Kade was very excited!

THERE YA GO! It doesn't get more exciting than that!!
Kade started soccer a week ago, so stay tuned for pictures of his first game!